LOGR is a two-part solution

Consisting of a cloud-based administration dashboard and companion mobile app for drivers, this solution suite assists in the management of hauling forestry products from collection to delivery.

Driver Mobile App

The app will function without data or location services (i.e. when offline) and then synchronise dockets when a data connection becomes available.

The app will function without data or location services (i.e. when offline) and then synchronise dockets when a data connection becomes available.


See key information at a glance: username, active dockets and driver’s shift duration.

Non-intrusive alert

Alert displayed when there’s no data connection

Workflow continuation

Docket can be started on one device and completed on another

Minimal data entry for routine tasks

Smart display of compartments based on the driver’s GPS location

Pre-populated lists for destinations, operation types and products based on previous selections

Simple interface to aid entering key data

Complete the docket by weighing in at
delivery location

Weighing in disabled if driver is not within the assigned delivery location

LOGR Dashboard

The web-based dashboard allows the management of all elements of the system and the links between them.

Know where current deliveries are

The live map continually updates to show the current location of contractors, routes and docket information.

View charts, quick summaries, and reports

View charts, quick summaries, and reports

LOGR data can be used to track progress against your delivery targets, allowing you to put appropriate mitigation actions in place.

Create and manage Geofences

Create and manage Geofences

Specify geographical boundaries for compartments and delivery locations to ensure more secure asset management.

How LOGR helps your business

A bird’s eye view of log harvesting & haulage operations

Better decision making and contingency planning

Cost savings from streamlined processes

Efficient and effective coordination within the supply chain

Peace of mind with multi-party transparency & accountability

Ability to scale up as your business grows


How do I purchase the app?

The driver app comes with the dashboard as a package. Please get in touch so that we can help you assess your needs.

Does the driver app work if there is no mobile internet data available at the compartment or delivery location?

Yes, the app is designed to robustly handle internet drop-outs. Dockets can be created and completed without data, as long as the device has internet data (mobile or wifi) at some point during the journey.

Does the driver app work if GPS is unavailable in the compartment?

Yes, GPS is used to assist the driver and validate the docket, but isn’t always available in remote forest areas. The app will then allow the driver to choose the compartment from a list of active compartments available to them.

Is this a buy-once-use-forever license?

LOGR is offered on an annual subscription basis to allow for continuous product enhancement, support and maintenance.

Can it integrate with other apps or pieces of software?

The dashboard lets you export your data which can then be imported into other enterprise software systems. Further integrations and customisations can be developed by our team.

Do I get support if I run into issues?

Yes. The annual subscription covers support and maintenance, including access to help desk and user guides.

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