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The LOGR Air MPS is one of the Five Future Forces!

LOGR Air as a Multi-Party System is actually already described as Interconnected Digital Infrastructure, which is one of the Five Future Forces profiled in the report: "Future Forces A ten-year horizon for Australian Agriculture". LOGR connects the supply chain, serving the whole supply network. You can get hold of the report on the website.


A LOGR Air Case Study

This case study was produced and presented at the HavestTECH 2021 conference to explain how the LOGR Air system has been used to create a seamless data ecosystem for the many parties of the Green Triangle Region.

Click the play button on the video to the left to view the case study.


LOGR Air powering data exchange and wireless weighbridge integration across Australia.

LOGR Air is a Multi-Party System that allows the whole supply chain to exchange data in real-time through a sophisticated set of APIs. Starting in the forest, through the haulage journey, continuing through the weighing process at the Mill or Scaling Port.

SFM talks to Tasmanian Timber

SFM Forest Products talks to Tasmanian Timber

From log to LOGR, new technology allows Tasmania’s harvested timber to be tracked in real-time.


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